Tesco Christmas in July 2016 – 25 Days of Christmas

Back in July, I attended a couple of Christmas in July press events in London. Tesco Christmas in July was one of them and it was definitely my favourite of the lot! Every July I look forward to the Tesco Christmas in July press show because of the festive setting and little surprises. Having a lot of things to nibble on at the event is also a massive bonus. This year’s Tesco Christmas in July press show was somewhat different from the previous ones (Tesco Christmas in July 2014 and Tesco Christmas in July 2015). Rather than holding the event at… View Post

Pokerun: Work Out & Get Fit with Pokemon Go

After the Pokemon Go workout in Central London, I have decided that there’s nothing better than doing an 1 hour work out whilst catching Pokemon and hatching eggs at the same time! A few weeks ago, Virgin Active organised the first official Pokerun in the world, which took place on a Wednesday afternoon – on one of the hottest days this year, at London Bridge. It was aimed at all fitness fanatics who just can’t get enough of Pokemon and I fit perfectly into that group! I’ve literally been playing Pokemon Go every day since the it came out. I’m literally obsessed… View Post

Viking Arty Party: A Crafting Afternoon with Viking

Looking at the dates of these photos, I realised that Viking Arty Party took place over a month ago! Although it feels more like 2 weeks since I spent an afternoon doing some DIY with fellow bloggers, it goes to show how little love I’ve given my blog over the summer and how faaaaaaar behind I’m with my blog posts! But with a holiday planned for next week, I’m hoping to get some blog stuff done during my break by the sea. 🙂 The Viking Arty Party was such a wonderful event and I feel really lucky to be one of the… View Post

Blog Sale: Half Price Nail Polishes incl. Nails Inc, Barry M & Rimmel

It’s been a well since I last did a blog sale, but I’ve been doing some summer cleaning recently and found a lot of beauty products that I haven’t used. This blog sale is all about nail polishes because I don’t paint my nails as much as I used to and I have a large collection of nails polishes that’s just sitting there untouched. Most of these nail polishes have only been swatched or used up to 3 times and I’m selling them for half (or less) of the retail price, which I believe is pretty reasonable. If you want any of the… View Post

Latest in Beauty Build Your Own Box Review

One of my favourite things about beauty boxes is that you get to test out new products for a fraction of the retail price of the individual products! The monthly subscription boxes are always quite fun because of the surprise factor, but I’m the person who prefers knowing what’s in the boxes as I don’t want to pay for items I dislike and will never use. Hence, the Latest in Beauty Build Your Own Box is the perfect box for me! With the Build Your Own Box option, not only do you have an impressive range of items to select from,… View Post